Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bacon and Waffles

There are two things I have really come to love recently--weekends (though yesterday I had to work) and Trader Joe's Baking Mix.

Since I'm an early riser that also suffers from insomnia, and Superhusband is the polar opposite, it means I can wake up before him on weekends and make him breakfast. This breakfast was a combination of our favorite breakfast items (I love waffles and he loves bacon).

Long ago, I stopped ordering waffles at a restaurant. The idea that it costs $6+ for no expertise has always been a mystery to me. I've been using the same waffle iron ($16 from Amazon) for the past few months now (with the batter from Trader Joe's mix added with a generous spoonful of sugar), and it always delivers crispy but tender perfection.

To Assemble:
1) Lay a waffle on a plate.
2) Sprinkle powdered sugar (I always use a flour sifter to get rid of the lumps).
3) Lay four crispy pieces of bacon on top.
4) Pour fresh syrup (I prefer Grade B) as desired.

I don't even like bacon that much and I LOVED this (and of course, Superhusband was making devouring sounds). Definitely try it. Enjoy!


tigerfish said...

I tried this combi before and like it. But I did not make anything myself. I just assemble it right from the breakfast buffet table :)

Ink in my veins said...


Thank you for commenting on my post; glad to know you have been enjoying the best of what San Francisco has to offer too!

Sebo is just plain fantastic; you must go there! I wish I could make it a regular, but it's a bit on the high end so it's currently an occasional treat for me..:)

Great to see your blogging adventures too!

LP said...

Thanks for the comment! I've always LOVED bacon and maple syrup. One of these days I'm determined to try Bacon Brittle, which I heard is really good. When I'm feeling daring I suppose :)