Monday, February 18, 2008

Topsy Turvy Fondant Cake

I should officially be called "She-Who-Always-Finishes-Last." You know that student who is consistently a step behind everyone else? Yeah. That's me. Blame it on the perfectionist gene.

This time I vowed I would not be so slow. In fact, during this particular class my teacher cracked a joke on how irritated he gets with students who stay late after class. Yikes. I was sure he didn't remember me, though (at least he had forgotten my name).

So against my nature, I rushed through my cake. Yet I still managed to be the one who was still struggling with her last piece of fondant while everyone else sat around eating cookies, waiting for me. You know they don't really mean, "Take your time" when they're looking at their watch simultaneously mouthing the words. Bah.

It was fun learning how to create a "Topsy Turvy" cake and how you attach it together. The hardest thing for me is rolling the teeny pieces of fondant. No matter how much powdered sugar I sprinkle on the surface (which is supposed to be as little as possible), my fondant manages to stick to the table while everyone else's peel off gracefully. Go figure.

At least my cake turned out half decently, though it was far from being flawless. Note to self: Thou shall cut nails before working with fondant so the fondant doesn't get nail marks as you're putting the cake into the box.

I also wasn't quite as slow this time. Instead of staying 1.5 hours after class (personal record) I only stayed an extra half hour after everybody else. Still won the trophy for "last student" though. *sigh*


tigerfish said...

That' so colorful, fit for the circus party!

Allen said...

Wow -- beautiful cake!

The foodbuzz comments board kept giving me error messages, so I came here to post a reply.

I don't mind sharing the info at all -- his name is Matthew Draper. It appears he has me listed in his portfolio:

Tell him I sent you :-) He will likely not remember me, it was a long time ago. If you want to contact me offline, I can provide further details on my experience. allen at eatingoutloud dot com

One Food Guy said...

Great cake! I'd love to eat a piece!

Lori Lynn said...

I love your choice of colors for the cake!